Step Up Your Swing!

The Ultimate Site to Choosing the Perfect Golf Simulator.

Step Up Your Swing!

The Ultimate Site to Choosing the Perfect Golf Simulator.

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Then play any time in any weather.

Golf simulator can help you improve your swing, have more fun on the course and of course with family. Sims are perfect for corporate events, team-building activities and man cave additions.

Whether you are a seasoned pro or a complete beginner, our carefully selected products offer the most realistic and immersive golf experience available.

Welcome to,
your premier destination for all things golf simulation!

As enthusiasts and experts in the world of virtual golf, we proudly offer an extensive range of top-tier golf simulation products. Our collection includes the latest and most advanced launch monitors from all the major brands, ensuring you get the most accurate and immersive experience.

But it’s not just about tracking your shots. We provide a variety of high-quality enclosures and nets, hitting and putting mats, all designed to suit spaces of any size. Whether you’re setting up a compact corner in your home or a dedicated simulation area, our range caters to every need.

Additionally, we offer a wide array of practice equipment to help hone your skills, from beginner to pro level. At, we’re committed to helping you bring the golf course into your space, with state-of-the-art equipment that guarantees a seamless and enjoyable golfing experience, rain or shine.


A simulator is a puzzle of your choise. Below are main pieces explained.

Proper space

Foresight GCQuad Simulator

First of all, you will need a high enough space to swing the golf club. See Requirements page for more information of room dimensions.

Launch monitor

Foresight GCQuad on hitting mat

We start from 100-euro-radars to measure only club head speed up to high end launch monitors producing megalomaniacal amount of information. More on Launch Monitors page.

Impact surface

Falcon Sim-in-a-box sample installation

This is where the ball stops, usually a net or impact screen. Different screens available depending on durability and image quality. See Screens page for more.

Hitting mat

Teaching mat

We cover the floor with hitting and putting mats of different sizes and qualities. Product range here.

Video projector


A computer screen or television may both be enough, but we also have low-end, mid-range and high-end projectors for the full experience. Options on Projectors page.

Computer or tablet

Simulator PC

Depending on launch monitor and graphics quality needs, we go from tablets to gaming-PCs. Old laptop can possibly do, but just in case we have a few configurations available.


Whether your golf simulator is aimed for entertainment, serious game improvement or corporate use, we want you to get most out of it. We are here to help you during the entire life cycle of your product.

We understand that your needs and goals may change over time, and we will support you every step of the way. GSS offers a variety of flexible financing options and trade-in programs to upgrade to a newer simulator when the time is right.

The above may sound like a worn-out oath, but we really stand behind our words for you.


Jouni Kekki, shopowner at

Jouni Kekki

Sales, technology & products
+358 400 699 444

Golf and simulator freak with over 15 years of experience in different types of simulators. Amount of balls hit in sims is propably a national record. Honest opinion: “Practise makes perfect, but practise without analyzer is waste of time“.

Juuso Kekki, shopmanager at

Juuso Kekki

Shop manager
Sales, marketing & online store
+358 400 923 645

Customer service and marketing expert. A keen golfer whose handicap is to drop to single figures after hectic simulator practise this winter. Excited to work with you to the best of his abilities.