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Hitting mats (7)
standard hitting mat6
Size: 150 x 150 cm. Quality mat with shock absorbers. Heavy rubber bottom. Holes for tee pegs.
tee mat6
A high quality, deep-pile driving range mat – an ideal winter tee off area for golf courses. This mat is also extremely popular with home-use simulators.
QuadTech mat4
Quad Tech Hitting Mat provides a realistic hitting experience with four layers of technology that which gives the mat an incredibly soft feel while providing extra protection to the golfers wrists, torso and lower body. Its 150 x 150 cm size offers ample space for practice and the foam layer ensures softness and improved accuracy for all your shots. Get ready for the course with a reliable, high-quality hitting mat.
teaching mat4
For teaching pros, this high quality range mat -  with teaching markings - provides a perfect, forgiving surface that’s suitable for winter and summer use.
Pro Turf5
The Pro Turf is designed exclusively for hititting and putting with The Net Return golf nets. It can be used both indoors or outside. Unlike traditional range mats that are 150 x 150 cm, Pro Turf is 183 cm wide x 307 cm long, providing continuous ball return. Nylon surfaced mat is 19 mm thick including 5 mm foam backing. It can be rolled up and stored like a carpet in a 30 cm diameter roll x 180 cm length. It weighs approximately 25 kg. Two rubber tees (57 and 44 mm) included.
Hitting Mat to The Net Return Golf Net! Dimensions: Length 150 cm, width 100 cm, thickness: 2,5 cm. Includes 3 rubber tees of different heights.
rubber base for mat3
Heavy duty non slip rubber frame complete with drainage holes designed to contain a 150 x 150 cm golf mat.