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Impact screens (5)
Hemmed edge with fabric tape and groomets - front of screen.11
Crafted from three dense layers of premium polyester, meticulously woven to maximize impact resistance, setting a new standard in durability. This impact screen stands the test of time, outlasting competitors' offerings with exceptional strength and resilience. Made in EU by Golfroom.
impact screen lite3
Introducing the GolfBays Lite Impact Screen for SimBox golf simulator enclosure. Elevate your golfing setup with simplicity and performance!
impact screen baffle2
Introducing the SimBox Baffle with Black Border. Elevate your golfing visuals with exceptional clarity and precision!
impact screen pro3
Introducing the GolfBays PRO Impact Screen for GolfBays SimBox. Elevate your golf simulation with uncompromising performance and professional quality!
impact screen foam baffle2
Foam Layer Backing Screen extends impact screen life-cycle, gives softer Impact and slows down the ball fast. It also helps to reduce the noise at impact and ball bounce back from the screen. Perfect to use with any GolfBays impact screens. Compatible with GolfBays SimBox Enclosure. Eyelets every 20 cm around all four sides. Fastened with bungee cords.