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Get your perfect fit: Four sizes available for every golfer. Choose from Par 3 (perfect for a living room!), Par 4 (ideal for a basement), or Par 5 (great for a garage or dedicated space). We even offer a Par 5 Short option for those with a bit less room. These all-in-one enclosures are designed for indoor use and require no drilling or alterations. Plus, they're fully portable and can be set up by one person in just 30 minutes!
Simbox gofl simulator enclosure
Simbox is high quality indoor golf simulator enclosure. It is essential for anyone who wants to create a realistic and immersive golf simulation experience. With its durable materials, clever construction and advanced features, Simbox will provide you the best possible value for investment. If you are serious about golf simulation, then Simbox quality enclosure is a must-have.