Foresight GC3 Launch Monitor


Your new favourite golf partner, the Foresight Sports GC3 golf launch monitor delivers uncompromising accuracy and performance both outdoors and indoors, providing the same true-to-life simulation experience synonymous only with Foresight.

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Golf’s Favourite Personal Launch Monitor – Foresight GC3

Foresight GC3 Launch Monitor

Built on the same advanced photometric technology found in our tour-dominating flagship launch monitor, the GCQuad, the new GC3 features a three-camera system that delivers ball and club performance data, both outdoors and indoors, with industry-leading precision.

Precision, Inside And Out

Thanks to its precise sub-millimetre measurement of the golf ball and club, the GC3 ensures accurate and reliable feedback both on the range and in your home simulator. No other launch monitor technology compares to the GC line when it comes to delivering real-time performance insight.

Tour-Trusted Launch Monitor Technology

From the PGA Tour to the home simulator, our GC line of launch monitors is the most awarded, most trusted, and best selling professional-grade launch monitor line ever. When performance matters, the choice is easy — GC3.

Foresight GC3 in Golf Simulation

Foresight GC3 Launch Monitor in Golf SimulatorNever miss a round or practice session again and experience the most true-to-life golf simulation experience for any-time, any-weather golf.

The Foresight GC3 is available with all our premium simulator solutions including the revolutionary Sim-in-a-Box range.

Gameplay As Real As It Gets

FSX Play is the next evolution of true-to-life graphics in golf simulation. With a whole new graphics engine, you’ll experience the game like never before.

Rich textures, 3D grass, enhanced lighting, updated UI and HUD, and ultra-smooth gameplay make you feel like you’re on the course.

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GC3 specifications

Technology: Triscopic high-speed camera system
Ball data collected:Ball speed | Launch angle | Side angle | Total spin / Backspin | Spin axis / Side spin
Club data collected:Club speed | Efficiency | Angle of attack | Club path
Dimensions: 15.2cm (W) x 30.5cm (H) x 12.7cm (D)
Weight: 2,3 kg
Battery: 5-7 hour lithium ion
Data interface: USB-C / WiFi / Ethernet


How does GC3 work?

Answer: The GC3 uses three ultra-high-speed cameras to hundreds of images of the golf ball within the first 30cm of ball flight. Taking the images from three different perspectives allows the GC3 launch monitor to produce a 3D picture of the golf ball’s movement, while the high-resolution cameras allow the system to clearly see the dimple pattern of the golf ball. This is a vital component when trying to measure spin. The onboard computer will then compare each image to the next, and using a method called spherical correlation, it will measure how the dimple pattern is rotating throughout the image set.

What does GC3 measure?

Answer: By capturing thousands of images per second, building a virtual 3D model, and then analysing a multitude of data components, the GC3 is able to create an extremely accurate and complete picture of your ball and club head performance – and deliver the results in real-time. To find out what we measure visit here

How accurate is GC3?

Answer: The GC3 uses a combination of infrared object tracking and high-speed, high-resolution camera-based technology to precisely measure club head and ball launch performance. With an an internal accelerometer – which eliminates the need for any setup or manual calibration, and an onboard barometer that adjusts data to the local environment – no matter where you are, your data is always accurate.

Does GC3 require subscription?

Answer: Once purchased the GC3 requires no additional subscriptions or fees to use any of it's features.

Is a GC3 worth it?

Answer: A launch monitor is the only way to accurately provide feedback about the flight of the golf ball and the delivery of the golf club. For coaching, fitting, professional tours and for home users of all abilities, launch monitors are proving to be a vital asset to fully understand each aspect of a golfer’s game. To read Golf Monthly's review of the GC3 click here.

What is the difference between GC3 and GCQuad?

Answer: The GC3 and GCQuad are both built on the same advanced photometric technology with the main difference being that the GCQuad features an extra camera to provide more club data points. The GCQuad also features a larger hitting area and a slightly longer battery life. For a full comparison visit here

Additional information

Weight7 kg
Dimensions40 × 30 × 30 cm

Foresight Sports


1 year

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