Face Impact Location for Mevo+ Pro Package

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View the precise location of impact for every club and compare it to the data for that shot. Take advantage of this unique new feature in the FS Golf App to work on consistently making contact in the center of the club face.

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Stop Guessing, Start Centering: Introducing Face Impact Location for Mevo+

Imagine hitting the sweet spot every time. Face Impact Location, the revolutionary new add-on for your Mevo+ Pro Package, makes that dream a reality.

This cutting-edge technology takes your practice sessions to the next level by pinpointing the exact location of impact on your clubface. No more mystery strikes – Face Impact Location provides clear, actionable data to help you:

  • Master Center Contact: Visualize where you’re making contact and see how each swing measures up.
  • Boost Accuracy and Consistency: Train yourself to strike the sweet spot consistently for straighter, more predictable shots.
  • Unlock Your Power Potential: Pure center contact delivers maximum distance and control.

Here’s what Face Impact Location offers:

  • Precise Impact Location: See exactly where the ball meets the clubface for every swing.
  • Detailed Data Analysis: Uncover trends and identify areas for improvement with “lateral impact” and “vertical impact” measurements.
  • Heatmap Visualization: Gain a clear overview of your impact patterns across an entire practice session.

Stop missing out on the perfect strike. Face Impact Location empowers you to take complete control of your game. Upgrade your Mevo+ today and unlock your full golfing potential!

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Heat Mapping Visualization

Heat mapping visualization provides a visual distribution of impact location for a specific club over the entire session. The heat map is designed to give users a face impact overview for an entire session.

Heat mat impact driverHeat map iron

Review your entire session and see exactly where on the club face you strike most. Heat Mapping Visualization works for every club in a given session.

Shot Grouping

Shot grouping allows users to see their face impact location for every shot in that session. Get a complete picture of accuracy and consistency for every club in your bag.

Face impact location

View all shots to see how consistent your strikes are on the club face.

Face Impact Location is available for Mevo+ Pro Package users only. You must have a Mevo+ Pro Package add-on, or in the process of purchasing one, in order for Face Impact Location to work with your unit. Face Impact Location is a software add-on and therefore is non-refundable.

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