We are committed to providing excellent customer service for the whole lifetime of investment. Our service level is aimed at our strong desire to update the product to a new one when the time is right. We are full-service purchase point from a single product to a turnkey simulator studio.

Before You Swing:

Try it before you buy:

Unleash your inner Tiger at our demo facilities! You can hit balls at our office or head out to the driving range with us. We want you to love your simulator, so come find the perfect fit.

Advice for every drive:

We're not just salespeople, we're golf enthusiasts. We'll listen to your goals and recommend the ideal setup, from software to impact screens. Your dream simulator is just a chat away.

Shop with confidence:

Our online store is a golfer's paradise. Browse with ease, compare features, and find everything you need to transform your space into a personal golf haven.

Financing your green oasis:

Swing easy with financing:

We've partnered with top-tier financial institutions to make your dream a reality. Whether you're a private player or a business, we have flexible options to fit your budget.

Own the course, not the debt:

For businesses, we offer leasing and rental options, so you can focus on driving growth, not payments. We cover Finland and Sweden, making things even smoother.

From delivery to drive time:

Seamless setup, swinging in no time:

We'll deliver your simulator right to your doorstep, and if you need, our friendly team will install everything from hardware to software, ensuring your first swing is a smooth one.

The full package deal:

Want your simulator room to rival Augusta National? We can handle that too! We offer top-quality interior design services to create the ultimate golfing escape.

Beyond the green Fee:

Tee up technical support:

Our online support team is always on par. Need help with software updates or troubleshooting? We're here to keep your game running smoothly.

Upgrades and repairs, no sweat:

We manage software and hardware upgrades, and in case of any hiccups, we'll handle warranty issues and repairs, so you can focus on sinking those putts.

Master your game with the pros:

We connect you with golf professionals who can help you unlock your full potential. Take your swing to the next level with personalized coaching.

Always playing ahead:

Gear up and keep going:

We stock all the accessories you need to keep your simulator in top shape, from replacement mats to cleaning supplies.

The next generation is here:

We keep our finger on the pulse of the latest technology, so you can upgrade your simulator with the newest and greatest.

Trade-in and play on:

When it's time for a new model, we offer trade-in programs and a global marketplace to give your old simulator a new lease on life.

Corporate events, Hole-in-One parties:

Coming soon! We'll be offering rental services for corporate events and private parties, so you can bring the excitement of the course to any occasion.

Remember, we're not just selling simulators, we're selling the dream of endless fairways and perfect swings.

Come join us, and let's create your ultimate golfing experience!