David Brumpton, PGA

David Brumptorn, PGA

Welcome to my golfsim.shop page!

I am David Brumpton, an experienced golf professional who specializes in golf simulators.

I have been teaching golf for over 30 years, and I have been using golf simulators for over 10 years. I am passionate about helping golfers of all skill levels improve their game, and I believe that golf simulators are one of the best tools for doing so.

What are golf simulators?

Golf simulators are computer-based systems that create a virtual golf experience. They use sensors to track the golfer's swing and the ball flight, and then they display the results on a screen. Golf simulators can be used to practice on real-world golf courses, or they can be used to play virtual golf courses that have been designed specifically for simulators.

Why use a golf simulator?

Golf simulators offer a number of advantages over traditional golf practice:

  • Accuracy: Golf simulators are very accurate, and they can provide golfers with detailed feedback about their swing and ball flight. This feedback can help golfers identify and correct problems with their swing.
  • Consistency: Golf simulators can be used to practice in any weather condition, and at any time of day. This makes it easy for golfers to get regular practice, even if they live in a climate with harsh winters or long nights.
  • Variety: Golf simulators offer golfers a wide variety of practice options. Golfers can practice on real-world golf courses, or they can play virtual golf courses that have been designed specifically for simulators. Golfers can also use golf simulators to play games and challenges, which can make practice more fun and engaging.

How can I help you?

I offer a variety of services to help golfers improve their game using golf simulators. I can:

  • Give you lessons on how to use golf simulators effectively.
  • Help you develop a practice routine that is tailored to your individual needs.
  • Analyze your swing data and provide you with feedback on how to improve.
  • Help you choose the right golf simulator for your needs.
  • And of course, give you normal golf lessons to improve your swing and drills which you can practice in your own sim.

During my long career I have been teaching all standards of players from beginners to professionals. What I like to do with my teaching is to help people to do better what they have rather than change everything they have.

I am still teaching all standards of players and age groups, youngest being 7 years and oldest being 80 years old. I have worked in Hirsala Golf since 2019 and I’m very much looking forward to meeting you in the future.

David teaching at Hirsala Golf
David Brumpton at his studio office

In the off-season I teach in my golf studio, which is equipped with Foresight GC3 launch monitor. My place is located right next to golfsim.shop in Jorvas High-Tech Center.

If you are interested in improving your golf game with the help of a golf simulator, please contact me today. I would be happy to discuss your needs and help you get started.



Mobile: +358 50 514 5056

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