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Jenni Kuosa, PGA, former Ladies European Tour player.

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I'm Jenni Kuosa, a long-time golf coach with a versatile background as a teacher for you.

My golf career started already in the early 1990s. Through diligent and determined training, I quickly rose to the ranks of the youth and women's national teams. I have had significant results in amateur golf, including the under-21 Finnish team championship at the Espoo Golf Club. The highlight of my professional career was playing on the Ladies European Tour in 2003-2012.

After that period, I focused on the world of golf teaching and coaching. in 2013 I took a step towards my coaching career and in 2018 I graduated as a professional golf coach. I am also a member of the Finnish PGA and a TPI-certified coach, which reflects my commitment to the comprehensive development of players. Junior coaching and maximizing the potential of players is close to my heart.

Golf is my passion, and I am dedicated to passing my knowledge to my students - whether it's a matter of basic swing, improved putting or the mental side of competitive golf.

Teaching philosophy

My teaching philosophy focuses on a holistic understanding of golf, consideration of individuality and the mental side of the game. In this context, the Foresight GCQuad launch monitor is an invaluable tool. This advanced device enables an in-depth analysis of top hitting technique, providing information on the trajectories of the golf club and the ball with the accuracy of a four-speed camera. This allows for customized training programs that fit the needs and goals of each design.

Foresight allows us to perceive the golf swing in a very special way, which helps to identify and correct mistakes. It can also be used to monitor development over time, both for the teacher and the student. This technology supports the learning process by providing instant feedback, which is vital in reinforcing technical changes and improving game skills.


Swing data from Foresight GCQuad

In my teaching, I emphasize a long-term commitment to training and learning, because I believe that results are achieved with continuous work and goal-oriented behavior. Foresight GCQuad is an essential aid in this process, helping to understand the nuances of one's own game and develop it strategically. My goal is for my students to find a suitable way to hit and develop all aspects of their game, to take advantage of the opportunities offered by modern technology.

GCQuad adds value to teaching and coaching by giving accurate information without having to guess a single detail. Even small development steps, which may not even be distinguishable from the video, can be shown to the student from GCQuad's data.

The world's best and most accurate Foresight GCQuad analyzer is used by the world's best tour players. Now you can use the same information in my classes. I'll help you understand the vast amount of information about the golf swing and pick out the most important numbers related to your own swing. If you wish to train in the simulator, I will help you to improve your figures independently between classes.

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Based on the information collected about your shots, the video image and the analysis based on my experience, we can raise your shots to completely new spheres. Book your lesson and see how the latest technology helps you!

You can contact me using the form below or by calling 0400 479 152. You can find my teaching locations and more information about golf trips etc. in my web page,

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