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Site FAQ

 Yes, you can place an order without registering an account. 

We store order details and registration information. We don’t store credit card or payment information. 

If you have registered an account, go to My Account -> Orders. 

You can subscribe to newsletter on My Account Page, at checkout or at the Contact Us page. 

Choose one of the product options by clicking on it. It is selected when there is a light blue ‘CLEAR SELECTION’ button below it. If you want to change it to another later, press the ‘CLEAR SELECTION’ button, after which all possible choices will be visible again and you can choose another product. After choosing a suitable product, also make the size and type selections if necessary. 

You do not need an account to place an order. However, if you wish to have your order history, invoices, quotes etc. available in you profile, then it is adviced to create an account.

Simulator bundles are reasonably priced product packages we have curated from our product catalog. 

 Our host is one of the top hosts in the world, providing safe web enviroment, firewall, SLL, backups and malvare monitoring. The latest technology we use, is always up to date. We do everything we can, to protect your information and create a safe shopping experience for you.