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1. General information

Golfsim.shop is a website owned and maintained by Mediaviisi Oy (VAT ID: 0894146-2).

Information about Mediaviisi Oy:

Mediaviisi Oy
Hirsalantie 11
02420, Jorvas

Phone: +358 400 923 645
Customer service: sales@golfsim.shop
Returns: sales@golfsim.shop

VAT ID: 0894146-2

Golfsim.shop's customers can be consumers, companies and communities.

These terms and conditions apply in the business relationship between Mediaviisi Oy (hereinafter "GSS" or "Web Shop") and its customers (hereinafter "Customer"), to which Finnish and EU legislation regarding consumer trade, marketing and advertising also applies.

GSS's Corporate Sales contract terms apply to business and corporate customers.

2. Making the contract

Orders are subject to the terms and conditions valid at the time of order, which can be read on the golfsim.shop website. By placing an order on the GSS website, you declare that you are making the transaction solely for private purposes.

Your contract partner is Mediaviisi Oy.

The contract enters into force when you click the purchase button, and GSS has checked and approved the order, and sent a confirmation of the concluded contract to the e-mail address provided by the Customer. We reserve the right to refuse or cancel any orders generated by automated programs or third party services.

3. Ordering the product

Description of the order process:

  1. Find more information about the products
  2. Select the product or products you want
  3. Add the product or products to the shopping cart
  4. Choose a delivery and payment method
  5. Optional online store customer profile registration
  6. Check your order
  7. Confirm the order and accept the terms of purchase
  8. Receive order confirmation

The product is ordered by selecting a product from Web Shop's selection. The products selected by the customer are added to the customer's shopping cart, where the desired order quantities for the products are selected. You can also remove products from the shopping cart before confirming the order and paying.

An order binding on the customer is created when the customer submits his order in the Web Shop (however, for Consumer customers, see the section "Right of cancellation and returns"). The customer is advised to check the content of his order carefully before confirming the order. The customer understands and accepts that the order is accompanied by an obligation to pay.

GSS sends the customer an order confirmation to the e-mail address provided by the customer. It is the customer's responsibility to check that the order confirmation corresponds to the content of the customer's order.

GSS has the right not to accept the order. If GSS does not accept the order, GSS will return the payment immediately. The order binds GSS when GSS has delivered the order confirmation to the Customer. GSS may not accept the order, for example, because the product or its replacement product is no longer available.

4. Products

GSS is not responsible for the normal wear and tear of products sold in the Web Shop. The manufacturers of the products presented in the Web Shop may offer a warranty for their products. In situations concerning the warranty of wearing products, such as hitting mats, hitting nets and impact screens, the manufacturer's possible warranty conditions are applied.

GSS can sell used products in the Web Shop. Used products are mainly customer returns, prototypes, factory-repaired or used devices. The product's condition class and other features and other terms of sale are presented in the sales information of the used product(s).

GSS retains the right of sales of some products.

GSS is not responsible for the causes caused by unforeseen changes coming from outside of GSS's sphere of influence, and GSS does not guarantee the delivery of ordered products that cannot be sent immediately.

5. Prices

The prices of the products are valid indefinitely or for a separately stated period. The prices indicated with the order are the final prices including the applicable VAT. The products are charged based on the price valid at the time of the order, as shown in the order confirmation.

If an incorrect price has entered the Web Shop, the price does not bind GSS, if the Customer knew or should have known that the price was incorrect. GSS reserves the right to cancel the order if the product has been sold at an incorrect price due to a pricing error, system malfunction or other similar error situation.

Prices are stated in euros (EUR) and include VAT. Unless otherwise stated, the prices of the products do not include delivery and handling costs, but are indicated separately both immediately in connection with the order and in the confirmation sent to the Customer.

6. Product delivery, delivery costs and delivery conditions

Some of the products sold in the Web Shop are special products that are ordered from the equipment manufacturer or supplier based on the Customer's order. Therefore, not all products are always so-called stock products. The delivery time of the products is about 1-2 weeks, depending on the ordered product. When an order is placed online or through our customer service department, the estimated time frame for delivery is based upon a number of factors, including the destination, shipping method, and the time in which the order was placed. If the delivery of the product is delayed, we will inform the Customer as soon as possible.

The customer can choose either pick-up or one of the delivery options shown in the shopping cart or on the checkout page as the delivery method for the products. The products are delivered as indicated in the order confirmation. However, if necessary, GSS can choose another equivalent delivery or transport method. This does not incur additional costs for the Customer.

In the delivery of the products, the conditions of the transport company responsible for transporting the goods are applied.

If you have chosen home delivery as the delivery method, please note that you may have to be responsible for bringing the products into the apartment yourself. You must be present to receive the goods.

The delivery costs of your order will be announced in the Web Store when you place your order. We will also inform you of the total amount of your order (including possible delivery costs) before placing a binding order.

If necessary, orders containing several products will be sent in several packages, so it is possible that all products will not arrive at the same time.

We reserve the right to send small shipments as a letter to your home. We reserve the right to send shipments larger than the maximum dimensions of the parcel machine to the post office.

GSS is not liable for any products damaged or lost during shipping. If you received your order damaged, please contact the shipment carrier to file a claim. Please save all packaging materials and damaged goods before filing a claim.

GSS is not responsible for product defects, delivery delays or other breach of contract caused by circumstances beyond GSS's control (force majeure). Even in such a situation, however, GSS strives to serve the Customer in the best possible way.

We can ship to nearly any address in the world. Note that there are restrictions on some products, and some products cannot be shipped to international destinations.

GSS does not deliver products to Russia or Belarus. Since Åland is not part of the EU's tax area, shipments delivered there must be cleared by customs. These customs costs do not appear in the total price of the Web Store, and are added to the total price separately. For deliveries to Åland, please contact our customer service (sales@golfsim.shop).

The delivery of the products will start at the earliest when a) the payment intermediary has confirmed the payment as received, b) the lender has made a credit decision, or c) when the bank transfer has been confirmed as received to our bank account.

7. Inspection of products, complaints, error liability and warranty

Our liability for errors is determined by applicable law. When the Customer has received the delivery, the Customer must immediately check that the delivered products are intact and otherwise faultless. The Customer must also ensure that the delivery contains all the products ordered by the Customer.

It is a good idea to check the delivery in the presence of a representative of the transport company. If the delivered product is damaged during transportation, the Customer must ask the carrier's representative to make a damage report, i.e. a note about the damage in the consignment note with signatures. In addition to this, the Customer must contact GSS as mentioned below.

If the Customer discovers that the delivery or the product is otherwise faulty, the Customer must report the fault to customer service (+358 400 923 645 or sales@golfsim.shop) immediately upon discovering the fault and within 14 days at the latest.

If the product has been damaged during transport, photos must be taken of both the packaging and the product. Pictures and additional information should be sent to our customer service at sales@golfsim.shop as soon as possible. The damaged transport package must be kept until the complaint has been processed.

If it is confirmed that there is an error in the delivery or the product, GSS primarily has the right to correct the error within a reasonable time or deliver an error-free product instead. GSS is responsible for product defects in accordance with consumer protection legislation alone or together with the product's manufacturer or importer.

The products may come with a warranty, if the product manufacturer has given one. The warranty conditions are defined by the manufacturer. The warranty is not issued by GSS, and GSS is not responsible based on the manufacturer's warranty for an error for which GSS would otherwise not be responsible under Chapter 5 of the Consumer Protection Act.

The warranty does not apply to errors caused by incorrect use, treatment or handling of the product or normal wear and tear of the product.

We primarily try to resolve any disagreements that may arise between us through negotiation.

8. Customer service and data protection

When you shop in the Web Shop, we process your personal data confidentially. You can get comprehensive information about GSS's processing of personal data in our Privacy Policy. We do not store or process your payment information. In Web Shop's payment transactions, payment information is processed only by the payment broker or credit provider using a secure connection.

The customer can create a customer account in Web Shop, where the customer saves complete contact information. Name, address, phone number and email address are required from customers. The customer is not required to create a customer account for ordering. In addition to contact information, the customer account stores order history and possible requests for offers.

The customers' information is stored in Web Shop's customer register, where the information is used to maintain the customer relationship. GSS does not disclose customer data to third parties for commercial purposes. You can find more information in the Privacy Policy.

Privacy Policy according to the GDPR can be seen here. The customer can check the information about himself through his customer account and, if he wishes, prohibit the use and processing of his data for marketing purposes.

The security of online shopping is monitored technically, for example from hacking companies, automated transactions and inquiries. Activities that violate the terms of the contract are reported to the supervising authority. GSS has the right to cancel the transaction if the customer has not acted in accordance with generally accepted procedures and, for example, uses automatic tools (bots/scripts) as part of the order. In addition, GSS reserves the right not to sell products for resale or if compliance with GSS's requirements requires it.

9. Information about different payment methods

When you shop in the Web Shop, your payment information is only processed by the payment broker or credit provider.

All prices include VAT. The order summary contains information about all payments related to the goods, such as postage, delivery, packaging, etc.

As a payment method, you can choose one of the payment methods we offer in the Web Shop. After receiving your order, the payment broker or credit provider immediately reserves the purchase amount from the payment instrument to complete the transaction. If the cover reservation is not successful, the order will be suspended and the Customer will be notified of the cancellation.

If you use a payment card, bank transfer or direct payment via an online bank, you will be charged when you confirm your order. This also applies to pre-ordering a product that will be available in the future or has an unconfirmed order date.

Creditable payment methods may also be subject to other contractual terms, for example related to checking creditworthiness. More detailed descriptions of the credit and the credit provider's information are detailed in the creditor's or payment intermediary's service as required by law.

Available payment methods in the online store:

  • Bank transfer, SEPA payment. Pay directly to the store's bank account. Enter the order number in the message field. The products will not be sent until the payment appears on our account.
  • Online bank payment (only for Finnish customers)
  • Credit card payments

Other payment methods may also be available. Valid payment methods are visible on the checkout page.

10. Use of Coupons

Advantage coupons may be distributed in connection with marketing campaigns. It is not possible to buy coupons. Coupons are only valid for a predetermined, limited time.

The discount coupon can only be used once when placing an order. The Coupon must be used during its validity period. Some brands may be excluded from the benefit coupon campaign. You cannot buy gift cards with coupons. Please note that using the discount coupon may require a certain minimum order value.

The discount coupon cannot be exchanged for money, and interest is not accrued on the value of the discount coupon. The value of the discount coupon will not be refunded, even if some or all of the ordered products are returned.

The advance coupon can only be redeemed when placing the order before sending the order. It is not possible to use discount coupons after placing the order. The benefit coupon cannot be transferred to another person. Coupons cannot be combined, unless otherwise stated.

11. Right of cancellation and returns

General information about the right of return

The customer has the right, without giving any reason, to return the unused product purchased from the Web Shop in its original packaging within 14 days of receiving the product by notifying GSS. The customer must make a return notification no later than 14 days after receiving the product. A return notification can be made to Web Shop's customer service either by phone (+358 400 923 645) or by e-mail sales@golfsim.shop. The product return address is Mediaviisi Oy, Hirsalantie 11, 02420 Jorvas.

Once the Customer has received the product, he must keep it essentially unchanged and undiminished until he has decided to keep the item. If the returned product has been used contrary to the buyer's duty of care stipulated by law, GSS has the right to charge a discount up to the full price of the product.

However, the customer does not have the right to cancel the so-called a customized product, i.e. a product that is manufactured or modified according to the Customer's individual needs and wishes. The product to be returned is not in its original condition, or the packaging does not match the original. The product is assembled and installed.

If the Customer cancels the transaction, its associated credit agreement is cancelled.

GSS will refund the payment that the customer has made, including the shipment postage, delivery fee, customs fees, cash on delivery, etc.

Returning products and refunds

The customer must return the canceled product with all its parts, accessories and additional items in its original packaging without delay and no later than 14 days after sending the cancellation notice. All merchandise, accessories and other options included in the price of the canceled product must also be returned. If the additional items included in the price are not returned, the current value of the additional items according to the Web Shop's price list will be deducted from the refund.

According to the law, the customer is responsible for the reduction in value if the product has been put into use or installed. The customer must take care of the product and the accompanying accessories, instructions and product packaging until he has decided to keep the product.

The limitations of the right of return are determined in accordance with the applicable legislation.

The customer is responsible for the return costs of canceled or returned products.

GSS will reimburse the Customer for the value of the canceled products using the payment method with which the Customer has paid for the product, if the Customer does not explicitly accept the return using another payment method.

GSS will return the payments it has received without delay and no later than 30 days after receiving the Customer's cancellation notice. GSS has the right to refrain from refunding payments until GSS has received the product back or until the Customer has proven that he has sent the product back and GSS has inspected and accepted the returned products. There are no costs for the customer to return payments.

If the Customer cancels the product order, the Customer will be refunded the price paid by the Customer for the product, even if the price of the product has changed later.

12. Force majeure

GSS is not responsible for product defects, delivery delays or other breach of contract caused by circumstances beyond GSS's control (force majeure). Even in such a situation, however, GSS strives to serve the Customer in the best possible way.