Rapsodo MLM2 Pro mobile launch monitor


Unveiling the Rapsodo MLM2PRO Mobile Launch Monitor, your secret weapon for unlocking the mysteries of your golf swing. This innovative device combines dual cameras with Doppler radar, delivering pinpoint accuracy and video feedback on every shot. Ditch the guesswork and gain actionable insights to transform your game from indoors to the driving range or to the course.

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Rapsodo MLM2PRO Mobile Launch Monitor: Elevate Your Golf Game

Unleash the Power of Precision and Analysis

Introducing the revolutionary Rapsodo MLM2PRO Mobile Launch Monitor, your ultimate tool for unlocking a deeper understanding of your golf game. This cutting-edge device seamlessly combines dual high-speed cameras and Doppler radar to deliver unparalleled accuracy and video feedback on every swing.

Immerse Yourself in Golf Simulation

Transform any space into a world-class golf course with the MLM2PRO’s immersive simulation capabilities. Choose from over 30,000 virtual courses and experience the thrill of competition from the comfort of your own home or practice range.

Unlock a Wealth of Insights

  • Dual Optical Camera Vision + Radar Processing: Achieve pinpoint accuracy with the MLM2PRO’s advanced dual-camera system and radar technology.
  • Shot Vision and Impact Vision: Capture your swing from multiple angles with Shot Vision and Impact Vision, providing a comprehensive overview of your swing mechanics.
  • 13 Essential Metrics: Gain valuable insights into your performance with 13 key metrics, including ball speed, club speed, smash factor, launch angle, launch direction, carry distance, total distance, spin rate, spin axis, descent angle, side carry, apex, and shot type.
  • Shot Dispersion by Club: Analyze your shot dispersion patterns for each club, identifying areas for improvement and boosting your club selection confidence.

Premium Membership Included

Elevate your golf experience with a complimentary one-year MLM2PRO Premium Membership, valued at $199. This exclusive membership grants access to a range of premium features, including:

  • Rapsodo Combines: Prioritize areas for improvement and create data-driven practice plans with Rapsodo Combines.
  • Rapsodo Virtual Range: Hone your skills in a virtual range environment, perfect for practicing in any weather condition.
  • Additional Virtual Courses: Expand your virtual course options and experience the world’s most iconic golf destinations.

Indoor and Outdoor Versatility

The MLM2PRO seamlessly adapts to both indoor and outdoor settings, ensuring you can continue your golf training regardless of the environment.

Indoor Setup:

  • Minimum space requirement: 4.5 meters (14.7 feet)
  • Distance from ball to net: Minimum 2.5 meters (8.2 feet)
  • MLM2PRO placement: 2-2.5 meters (6.5-8.2 feet) directly behind the ball in line with the swing path

Outdoor Setup:

  • MLM2PRO placement: 2-2.5 meters (6.5-8.2 feet) directly behind the ball in line with the swing path

Experience the Rapsodo Difference

With the Rapsodo MLM2PRO Mobile Launch Monitor, you’re equipped with the tools and insights to transform your golf game. Unleash your potential, optimize your swing, and elevate your performance to new heights.

Rapsodo MLM2 PROM = Measured
Side carry
Total distanceM
Ball speedM
Club speed
Smash factor
Launch directionM
Spin rateM
Spin axisM
Launch angleM
Descent angle
Shot type

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